I arrived in Cairns yesterday afternoon. Checked-in into a fantastic 2-bed appartment in a lovely resort. Thanks to Phil and his connections! And pricing is ridiculous for what I get.

I have also got great deals on accomodation in Sydney and Fiji this way. Actually Phil has an ace up his sleave, which I might share a bit later on the trip. However, today I have been a real tourist in Cairns: Doing the Skytrain, which is a cable-way over the canopies of the rainforest. And a visit to a small village in the forest. Nice. Nice. Nice.


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Brarons Falls

Due to a powerfailure my servers have been down today so I have tried to help fix the issues remote. Not an easy task, but my always helpful friend Leif got it to work – so mails are again comming my way. A bit of unnessecary stress in the midst of relaxation. Not at least due to the 8 hour time difference 😉

Well. I actually came to Cairns to do a liveaboard dive trip. And guess what: I will board the boat tomorrow at 7.45 and be at the Outer Greater Barrier Reef for the next 4 days! 15 dives on the reef. SAY YES!

More or less immidiately thereafter I will fly to Alice Springs / Ayers Rock for 4 days and thereafter to Sydney. I almost can’t wait. But. but. but. I will not get my hopes up for the diving. Just see what is there…

So. Until a few days… Live with passion.


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