I arrived in Christchurch monday the 29 in the afternoon and was met by the car rental company in the airport. Great service.

After paperwork regarding the car I drove to my hotel. Hotel So in downtown Christchurch (with 350.00 population, same size as Arhus, Denmark). And that was a surprise.

The room was tiny to say the least. There was app. 1 sq. m free floor; the shower and toilet was in a ½ circle in one corner of the room… Very compact, but also very comfy! And great features, fx. a alarm clock, which gradually turns on a solar-lamp (4000 lux) and then turns on a video with relaxing music and slowly turning the volume up…

Also very nice interior, great bar, food and service. Definetly a must experience when in Christchurch! And its cheap too.

Tuesday I drove via Lake Taekpo and vistas of Mount Cook – the tallest mountain in New Zealand (3693m tall) to Queenstown. The adventure capital of the world – and the foremost winter destination in New Zealand… It is more or less like Tignes or Val d’Isere in france – or maybeea combination of St.Anton and the two… The town is only 13.000 population, but in high season (now) there are up to 45.000 guests…

There are 4 ski areas around town, and it is located directly on the longest lake in New Zealand. So there is ample water and skisports. Ski terrain is 15-20km away though…. The city has great afterski and lots of bars and restaurants, and drunk young people crawling back to their accomodation in the early morning hours…. Well. Nothing new.

Tomorrow morning I fly via small aircraft to the fiordlands (guess where the words come from? Danish/Norwegian!) more specific to Milford Sound – a 14 km. fiord… Cruise on the fiord and fly back to Queenstown…

Milford fiord is supposed to be the number one scenic place in the world… I have a feeling that my camera will be red hot. Look out for photos later.

Well… Change of plans.


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