Next activity was a trip to the extinct volcano Mauna Kea, which now is merely a mountain.

With 13.803 feet (4.207m) above mean sea level it is the tallest mountain in Hawaii… More interesting is that from its base on the seafloor, it is the worlds largest mountain. Taller than Mount Everest, but that is another story.

I went on a package tour to the summit to experience the sunset and fantastic views… And stargaze atthe exact location where it is BEST in the world. At least that is what the guide claimed, and asked if even better than Chile he said yes with confidence. Perhaps that is why NASA and a number of organisations have observatries on the top.

It was a stunning experience. first of all, I have never been at so high altitude before, and my body reacted: Dizzy, out f breath and a threathing headache. 4207m above sealevel… Seeing the sun set in awe and silence… And later to see the night sky with great instruction was the end of a day very well spent.

In short: It is worth it. You can get the view free by driving yourself. But I liked the tour, nd our guide was great. I went with Mauna Kea Summit Adventures and can recommend them, even though they are the most expensive company in town!


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