Updated 2010.01.24 in Mendoza, Argentina

The key word for the trip is flexibility, and hence this itinerary is always being updated. However, this is the most current version – and gives you an idea about where I am likely to be, right now… 

Date Continent Country City
27.03.2009 Europe Germany Munchen
27.03.2009 Asia India Delhi
11.04.2009 Asia Thailand Bangkok
15.04.2009 Asia Malaysia Kuala Lumpur
15.04.2009 Oceania Australia Coolangatta Gold Coast
28.04.2009 Oceania Australia Cairns 
03.05.2009 Oceania Australia Alice Springs
08.05.2009 Oceania Australia Sydney
13.05.2009 Oceania Australia Byron Bay
15.05.2009 Oceania Australia Gold Coast
19.05.2009 Oceania Australia Cairns 
23.05.2009 Oceania Fiji Nadi
28.05.2009 Oceania Fiji SavuSavu
05.06.2009 Oceania Fiji Taveuni
12.06.2009 Oceania Fiji SavuSavu
20.06.2009 Oceania Fiji Viti Levu
22.06.2009 Oceania New Zealand Auckland
25.06.2009 Oceania New Zealand North Island
01.07.2009 Oceania New Zealand South Island
08.07.2009 Asia China Beijing
14.07.2009 Asia China Xi’An
18.07.2009 Asia China Yichang
22.07.2009 Asia China Chonguinq
23.07.2009 Asia China Shanghai
25.07.2009 Asia Thailand Phuket
22.08.2009 Asia Singapore Singapore
25.08.2009 Asia Thailand Phuket
16.09.2009 Asia Malaysia Penang
18.09.2009 Asia Thailand Phuket
07.11.2009 Asia Thailand Phuket
07.11.2009 Asia Thailand Bangkok
07.11.2009 Asia Cambodia Siem Rep
07.11.2009 Asia Japan Tokyo
14.11.2009 Asia Japan Osaka
18.11.2009 Asia Japan Kyoto
21.11.2009 Asia Japan Hiroshima
22.11.2009 North America USA / Hawaii Honolulu
28.11.2009 North America USA / Hawaii Hawaii (Big Island)
05.12.2009 North America USA Phoenix
06.12.2009 North America USA Phoenix
14.12.2009 North America USA Sedona
15.12.2009 North America USA Grand Canyon
16.12.2009 North America USA Phoenix
17.12.2009 Central America Mexico Cancun
19.12.2009 Central America Mexico Cozumel
26.12.2009 Central America Mexico Playa Del Carmen
02.01.2010 Central America Mexico Tulum
02.01.2010 Central America Belize Belize City
03.01.2010 Central America Belize Caye Caulker
05.01.2010 Central America Belize San Ignacio
07.01.2010 Central America Guatamala Tikal / Antigua
08.01.2010 Central America Guatamala Tikal / Antigua
14.01.2010 Central America Honduras Copán
15.01.2010 Central America El Salvador Tunco Beach
18.01.2010 Central America Costa Rica Houston
18.01.2010 North America USA Houston
20.01.2010 South America Argentina Buenos Aries
24.01.2010 South America Argentina Mendoza
26.01.2010 South America Argentina Ville Neuva Wineyard
27.01.2010 South America Argentina Mendoza – Buenos Aries
28.01.2010 South America Argentina Puerto Madryn
31.01.2010 South America Argentina Ushuaia
03.02.2010 South America Argentina El Calafate
07.02.2010 South America Argentina Buenos Aries
09.02.2010 South America Argentina Iguazu
12.02.2010 South America Brazil Rio etc.
17.02.2010 Europe Portugal Lisbon
18.02.2010 Europe Italy Rome
21.02.2010 Europe Italy Vatican
22.02.2010 Europe Denmark Copenhagen