I took a direct (tourist) shuttle from Antiqua to Copan Ruinas in Honduras (USD 8 one way). I just had to see the easternmost ruins of the Maya culture / kingdom.

From Antigua to Copán there is app. 300 km. And of course it takes 6½ hours by direct shuttle… Everything takes a looong time here in Central America. But it is much more convenient with direct shuttles, than the chicken-busses. Firstly because you don’t have to change bus 5 times to get there, and secondly because the minibuses normally only sell the seat once!

The ruins are much nicer than Chitchen Itza in Mexico, and in my opinion much more interesting. The area is also less touristic, and in general a peaceful feeling… And definetly worth the travel and hassle to see.

Copán is the Maya site with the most artistic work and expressions. Tikal has the most (and largest) pyramids, while Tulum has the best location directly on the beach… And Chichen Itza is closest to an international airport…

There is nothing close to the ruins, but a small town, Copán Ruinas, and the town  – or rather – village is cozy…


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