Sitting in front of my laptop and trying to plan the rest of the central american trip I did the one thing you should not do…

I checked the foreign ministrys page with travel advice… Found nothing important on the danish site, went to the US, didn’t find anything and then continued onwards to the UKs page… CHOCK…

They have very detailed descriptions of every country, and I must admit, that now when I know about all the assaults, kidnapping, thefts, money extortions etc. taking place in central america, I am beginning to wonder, if this is the right place for me to hang out for another 3 weeks… – but then again, they write bad things for almost every country – and in general only one in 1000 british citizens experience issues… Most of them a stolen passport. So… rethinking my trip.

Especially if I still want to go to Copan in Honduras, as the political situation is tense, and all sourrounding countries might close their borders!

El Salvador is the most crime infested country in the region, and armed kidnappings have taken place in bright daylight and in 1st class busses in Guatemala!

Even Costa Rica, which is supposedly THE tourist destination in Central America seems to be very unsafe. And Brazil, especially Rio during the Carnival, is maximum risk!!!

Honestly, I am not worried about being harmed, but I am worried about loosing my baggage (phone, camera and laptop) as it seems like no insurance company will insure more than 5.000 dkk baggage, which is less than my laptop – or camera – for that matter.

Anyway… Now I’ll sleep on the news, and decide what to do. Maybee cut something short or skip some of the minor countries. I am also considering staying here in Playa and experiencing New year here…? Confused. I wasen’t, until I got new knowledge. Damn…


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