How blessed can you be? During Date With Destiny I reconnected with Silvia… after 6 years! We met at Lifemastery in Portugal in 2003…

She asked me, what was next, and when I said: Sedona and Grand Canyon she replied: Tag along with me and a couple of friends. I have a car and we’re going.

So said so done…. How wonderful to share magic sites with a great friend, and on the way make new friends (Maurice and Marion). And Grand Canyon and Sedona… Need I say more, or should the pictures do the talking?

Sedona is THE spiritual site of USA, and more or less there is a healer or psychic reader on every corner. The area is well known for its energy vortexes. And believe it or not – I could feel the energy at The Bell, The Cathedral, The Mesa Airport and Boydon Canyon… The energy was different in the 4 places, and very soothing for the body and mind.



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