This is Australias hippie village. This is where you find ashrams, spiritual shops, mystical massages and a float tank. I had to try the latter – and I floated for an hour. A very special experience as you are deprived from all senses due to the salt water, which makes you weightless so you can feel your body, the darkness, which deprives you of sight, and earplugs which blocks out sounds….

But I had no revelations, unfortunately. It was still an experience I would like to repeat though.

The bay is very nice, and the walk to the lighthouse was amazing. Of course I chose the short cut – the rainforest walk – which ended up being more timeconsuming

and stressful, as it went uphill, downhill, uphill, downhill etc. until I finally reached the lighthouse. WHAAU. On the easternmost point of Australia I had a fantastic view of Byron Bay and village with beautiful mountains in the background. Worth a million.


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