I decided to go up the east coast from Sydney to Cairns… But as I investigated the trip, and found it to be 3400 km I got 2nd thoughts and decided instead to fly to Byron Bay – a mere 700 km. flight. From there I would then go by bus to Gold coast (And Phil and Fran) and from there rent a car and drive to Gladstone and then fly to Cairns.

But again I got surprised. The one-way fee for a car rental would be AUD 400 (DKK 1600) on top of that the renting price would be AUD 100 per day plus fuel, which would become another 400 AUD (after all it is still 2400 km). i.e. 1200 AUD for 4 days – just for a car. So…

I chose to go to Gold Coast, and stay with Phil & Fran for some days, and then fly to Cairns… In this way I paid 400 AUD total. But first things first: Byron

Bay. Read the next entry.


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