After relaxing in Sydney and experiencing the cold winter weather (I had to purchase a wind breaker!), I choose to spend my last day in Sydney by vising the majestic Blue Mountains…

What a view. Beautiful mountains, great views, and a great walk in the rainforest in the bottom of the valley.
From the top a phenomenal view to the remarkable “three sisters” rock formation and a cable ride trip across the valley and water falls completed the scenic impression from the top.

To descend down the rather steep hillside I took the Scenic Railway – the worlds steepest railway – with an incline of 50 degrees. A length of only 500 m – but more or less straight down to the abyss… More like a rollercoaster than a train!

A visit in the small village Katoomba was also included in the trip – and it it a cosy small village… But very turistic.


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