I arrived in Sydney in the evening on the 7th. I left my hostel in Alice Springs 10.30 – and yes – there were delays, but still: Travelling domestic in Australia can take time. 8½ hours to be precise. It was during the flight from Alice to Melbourne that I realized just how big Australia is: 3½ hours flight over the CENTRE of Australia, and flying over nothing but desert. No wonder there was no mobile coverage in the outback. It is so vast and uninhabitable…

However, I arrived in Sydney. Determined, that I would not be a wild tourist with 1000 tourist activities every day. So I have my own appartment here in the centre and I have been relaxing, walking long distances to get to”know” the city. I stumpled on the Opera House the first day, and Darling Harbour the other…

and I have been on a double-decker hop-on-hop-off sightseeing tour. But thats it… so far. Today I am determined to do a harbour cruise and see Manly. But lets see what happens. It happened!

On my last day in Sydney I went on a package tour to the Blue Mountains with a quick tour through the Olympic city also… Waau. The mountains are breathtaking beautiful and as so often before, I feel so small in comparison.

Next stop is Byron Bay… Whale watching and relaxing.


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