After the first couple of dives at the Great Barrier Reef I was a bit dissapointed. In my opinion the sites were a mere 5 on the 10 scale… But it is always great to enjoy diving in tropical environment. And the relaxation… BUT.

I had not expected such phenomenal night dives. Sharks everywhere. YI HAA.

The sites were ok, I can especially recommend Troopers at Saxon Reef! Waau. Canyons, dive-throughs, lots to see etc.


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After 15 dives in 4 days, I am full of diving for some time. But waau, what a feeling. Lots of photos, and lots of experiences. And gues what? The last day, there were as many as 9 danish people on the boat (out of 48). Not bad.

It seems like we are still Vikings conquering the world. Way to go Denmark!


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