Today I was strolling on the pedestrian street of Buenos Aires, and there wasen’t much people… But still, the unthinkable happened:

Someone stole my wallet, phone and sunglasses from the backpack – while I was walking – I noticed something, but alas, too late to stop it.

Funny though, because the exact time I was thinking about feeling safe in BA, and that I didn’t have to worry about the backpack! But I was wrong. Still: Imagine thinking this – out of the blue – while someone is ripping you off?! Maybee I should listen and react immidiately, when I get these feelings.

As I had stored my luggage at the hotel, and really didn’t want to have it all go away, I rushed back to the hotel and got my luggage – even though I wasen’t able to identify myself! Nothing was missing here, so the damage is within control. the most irritating is the phone and mastercard.

But hell, no tale from the great travels without any pickpocketing or mugging or the like… I just hope this is the ONLY experience of this kind I will get.

A sudden change in an otherwise great day, starting out with 6 hours in the spa area with finnish saunas, pool, steambath, massage (70 pesos ~ 18 USD) and relaxation on sunbeds…


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