After a 10 hour direct flight from Houston, I arrived in Buenos Aries this morning. Planning to go toMontevideo, but the ferry only leaves at 15.30, so I chose to stay the night in the 9th largest city in the world…

Buenos Aires┬áis a kind of funny city. Very western, and still 3rd world… Lots of parks, monuments, beautiful old houses and palais – and shanty houses also. The fun is in the mix. It is a big city, with lots of cars and people – but I like the atmosphere… The people are a mix of many nationalities, but very european inspired. And high class – but I also find the italian inspiration very obvious here… In short. Lovely.

Of course I had to go to a Tango show… You cannot go to the place where Tango was born, and not see the real thing. Waau. Special, and elegant. And very acrobatic also. I now understand why Tim Ferris’ record is in turning, and not the actual dance… The dance is NOT easy to master.


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