Monday morning 5.30 I took a taxi to the airport of San Salvador. The airport is located 25 km. from the beach, so it took almost an hour to get there Рwe are talking El Salvador here! Arrived and well, and after a long queue at the check-in, I was set to go to Houston, USA.In the airport I was picked up by a friend, Michael Morningstar, a Anthony Robbins Trainer. He has offered me I could stay in his house and we could reconnect. YES!

After a great day doing sightseeing in Houston, and sharing stories from our life, we had a great dinner at his house, which his wife, Patty, prepared… The first home cooked meal in several months. And it was delicious.

Today we are going to talk about life, universe and everything… And maybee sightsee a bit more.


Curious about life, universe and everything