I arrived this morning, january 8th 2010 in La Antigua, Guatemala. From Tikal in the north via night bus (8 hours) to Guatemala City (large, dangerous)…

Antigua is a very nice, even beautiful, city compared to other cities in Guatamala… It was the 2nd capital of the country and was the capital during the Spanish reign…  famous for its well-preserved Spanish Mudéjar-influenced Baroque architecture as well as a number of spectacular ruins of colonial churches. It has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site

Today the city is well known for spanish language schools (on every corner) and turism.

The city is surrounded by three volcanoes, where two are active. One is Volcán de Agua or “Volcano of Water”, some 3766 meters (12,356 ft) high… Waau.

I’ll report more, when I have got the groove of the city


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