Tikal is a majestic Maya Site in the Northern part of Guatemala. So it was of course on my list of activities (and primary reason to go to Guatemala)!

From San Ignacio there is app. 200 km. to Tikal, so it took 3 hours by minibus (including crossing the border). Belize demands USD 17 as a departure tax… Hrmpf.

Nice minibus arranged by Mayawalk also… and because I already did a trip with them, the price was USD 20. Not cheap, but not that expensive, given the comfort…

We (me, Bernt and Verena plus the other on the bus) arrived at Tikal at 10.30 and even though the guide books told us to block two days at Tikal, I felt I had been around everything of interest around 15.00 -4½ hours.

Tikal is a fantastic site. Much more interesting than Chichen Itza and much much grander. Tikal wins hands down – but it is more remote than Chichen Itza. The ruins at this site are both big and in great shape… the site is big: Lots of walking.



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