Well… I have been busy and hence haven’t updated the travel log for about a week.

Last saturday ( 28. november) I flew from Oahu to the Big Island Hawaii. It is amazing. the big island is more than twice the size of the rest of the islands together! And even more mindblowing. Half of the island is actually a volcano! There is plenty to do…

The island is big, but much less travelled and visited by tourists than Oahu. It looks basically like the North shore of Oahu all over the island. This is what I expected Hawaii to be… Well, except I don’ really see any locals? The reason? There are no natives. For hundreds of years there have been japanese, spanish, fillipino etc. on the islands, and well for more than 50 years americans. So there are NONE 100% Hawaiian left…

If you should choose only to visit one island in Hawaii forget Oahu and go to the Big Island, Maui or Kuai.

Hawaii (the big island) is the only place in the US they grow coffee… So I had to take a tour to a plantation, see the plants, smell the roasting and taste the freshly made coffee…. Imagine that I have been drinking coffee for almost 40 years without knowing that it grew on trees and that the berries contain the beans?

The whale season starts here in december, but there isn’t any whales yet… There are wild dolphins in the bay every day – but I haven’t had the luck of swimming with them. So all in all, plenty of activities for a week or two.┬áThe island is beautiful as the pictures below show:


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