With a bit of sadness, I left Rio yesterday afternoon to fly via Lisbon to Rome, where I have just checked into my hotel. I did it again

That is, didn’t note which hotel I had booked, and the location. After all, it was in my laptop. But, eh, I used the laptop on the flight, so the battery was dead… So a visit to an internet cafe, and a visit to my web email helped me find the hotel and location – and using google maps I got the map… A photo of the screen with the map, and wham, I had it on me. I love technology.

This, of course, wouldn’ have been nessecary, if my phone hadn’t been stolen!

Anyways: I am now investigation what I am going to do here. I have some ideas though: The Vatican, Colloseum, Forum Romanum, The spanish steps, The catacombs, pompeiji and vesuvio… More to follow.

It is strange, that I will be in Denmark within a week from now. So far away, and yet so close.


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