For the first time in a long time, as long as I can remember, I am sick! I have a cold, which started when I left Rio de Janeiro and also fever. So… In Rome, with fever? How to be use it: Go outside, in the cold weather. You won’t freeze… hehe..

I love the old part of Rome, and of course I rushed to the Trevi Fountain. Difficult to find, and yet … the number of souvenir shops is a tell tale… So I found it. Nice.

Onwards to the spanish steps… Surprised that there aren’t hundreds of small cafes selling nothing for a zillion – but a breathtaking view of the stairs and from the top… Onwards challenging the fever even more to Piazza Poppolo and back by foot to my hotel. That must do for a full day of touristic sightseeing…

Next day:

Colloseum: Amazing structure. So big, so well maintained (after all 2000 years old). And the games…. Definetly worth a visit.

Forum Romanum (a bit dissapointing, as the ruins from the INSIDE isn’t interesting) – but wow from the outside (=free view).

Piazza Venecia and the monument for the unknown soldiers followed by the charming

Pantheon: Waau, what a bacilica. Round and open in the top. Great acustics and beautiful decorations… And the square is nice too.

Piazza Navona: A major square sourrounded by large buildings and… surprise.. another Basilica… I think Rome must have a thousand churches. Wonder why? *LOL*

The Circus Maximus was a dissapointment, and likevise the Isola island (but it was a bit fun)…

On the other hand I loved piazza Forentine with the orange trees and view over the river and Vatican…


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