I am currently in Cozumel. Aka Dive heaven… Jaques Costeaus 2nd choice for diving in the world… So far the weather has prevented me from actually getting into the water, but tomorrow will be the big day. Until now I have enjoyed the Mexican All-inclusive Park Royal Resort… And the cold and rainy weather…

Did you know, that light rain is no problem at all if you are on a beach? But a big problem, if you are driving 70 km/h on a scooter? It hurts like hell in the face, and you get soaked… To make bad even worse it changed from light rain to full rain… And guess what. It is aparently so rare here, that the resort have almost nowhere where you can be away from the rain… Well enough biggering. Cozumel is nice, and I relax and enjoy sleeping. Amazing how much sleep you need, after 2½ weeks almost without.

Stay tuned.


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